A Day In The Life Of Audrina Patridge

7:00 AM
Alarm blares. I hit the snooze button—twice.
7:20 AM
Alarm blares. This time I roll out of bed. Music from my favorite new band, Devil Doll, gets me going as I head to the kitchen to make myself blueberry/vanilla tea, scramble some eggs and pop a waffle in the toaster. I have a few minutes to spare before my workday begins, so I return some personal e-mails and texts.
8:00 AM
Notice my house could use some love before the crew from MTV arrives. We’re filming in the living room and kitchen this afternoon so I put away dishes, fluff the pillows on the couch and stash the rest in my closet (shhh… don’t tell). I need to remember to pick up fresh flowers, snacks and a bottle of wine.
8:30 AM
Conference call with my website guys. I update them on my upcoming projects, and we discuss the next steps for my music section. Note to self: Send them new photos! After my call, I answer e-mails from fans on love, beauty and health. I get a lot of questions about my workout routine. (For the record, I hate the gym but love to do anything active outside.)
9:00 AM
Time to make myself presentable. It’s going to be a long day so I aim for my go-to outfit of my favorite rippedup skinny jeans, a soft white top by Kain Label, my black leather jacket and the boots I can’t live without— my black Lanvin pair. Put on a little tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss, and I’m out the door.
10:00 AM
I begin an hour-long session with my amazing acting coach, Chad McCord. His energy is contagious. He makes me feel comfortable, yet challenges me at the same time.
11:45 AM
Off to an audition. My agent and manager sent me a script for a really fun role in a romantic comedy. I worked with Chad to break down and memorize the scene. Fingers crossed!
1:00 PM
I have an appointment with my stylist, Joey Tierney, to try on a dress for an upcoming holiday party. As usual, Joey picks the perfect dress, but now I have to make time to head to Sherman Oaks for alterations.
1:30 PM
I’m starving, and just around the corner from Fred Segal, so it’s the perfect time for a quick lunch. I order the turkey panini and a lemonade. Of course I have to make a round through the store before I leave, but I choose to be a good girl.
2:30 PM
Run into Whole Foods Market, grab some flowers—an assortment of colored roses (they’re my fave)—and snacks, and get back to my place in time to let The Hills crew in. Lo, Stephanie and I are filming a recap of the night before.
3:00-5:00 PM
Filming with Lo and Steph at my house.
5:00 PM
Conference call with my whole team (agents, manager, publicists) to discuss the next few months. We start shooting my new pilot for MTV next month, so there is lots to coordinate— press, appearances, auditions!
6:00 PM
Time to change into evening attire and head out the door to film a dinner scene for The Hills.
7:00 PM
Film dinner at Tonys on Sunset with an acquaintance. We catch up and give each other advice.
9:00 PM
Head to The Hotel Cafe to meet friends and watch a few bands.
11:00 PM
In for the night. I go online and start putting together a playlist for my website. I love music so that doesn’t take too long. Now I can finally unwind with a script or a good book. The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls is currently on my nightstand.
12:00 AM
Wash my face, brush my teeth and get into bed. Oops, forgot to put my phone on silent. Get out of bed; silence my phone. I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow.