“It was definitely looking like I was always desperate and wanted Justin [Bobby] all the time and that was probably the hardest thing for me because it wasn’t like that,” Audrina Patridge told GRAZIA in a past interview. It has been 16 years since the first season of The Hills and the star has never strayed from the truth. Millennials were given a new taste of the beloved reality series in 2019 when MTV released a spin-off dubbed The Hills: New Beginnings. It was a bit of a flop and by no means the kind of nostalgia we had hoped for.

Now, Patridge in collaboration with Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado will appear in a tell-all podcast to lift the lid on what really happened on The Hills. Was It Real? The Hills Rewatch will revisit all six seasons of the television show with the hosts to discuss behind-the-scenes, fan questions and deleted scenes. Producers will serve as fact checkers on the podcast while there will be special guests including Spencer Pratt and ahem, Patridge’s divisive ex Justin Bobby.

“Basically, we are not holding back at all,” Patridge told People this week. “There’s lots of laughs, lots of teasing, lots of behind the scenes. We’re giving the scoop on every episode of deleted scenes, things that have happened and each scene, maybe it happened differently but they edit it together in that way. So, we actually have producers on from the old Hills that come on, and they kind of give us their side and why they did that.”

The podcast will premiere with two episodes to start from July 12.

Source: Grazia