You know and love her from The Hills, but did you know Audrina Patridge is a swimwear designer now? She launched Prey Swim last year and we are completely obsessed with her designs!
Audrina spoke with us about the biggest challenges of starting a new fashion line as well as what she’s learned from growing her business. You’ll be able to hear her entire story on July 15th at Simply LA, but for now, get the scoop on what inspired her latest Prey Swim line by scrolling down.
SS: You recently started your own swim line, Prey Swim! What made you want to launch a swimwear collection?
I have always had a passion for the ocean. Something about water itself is otherworldly and feels as if it washes away the day’s karma, and it gives you an overwhelming feeling of new energy. I grew up in a bikini, and whether it be the ocean, lake or pool, I’ve never been too far from water. As I’ve gotten older I’ve really become particular with the material, cut and support of swimwear, and after endlessly searching for the perfect fit, I decided to create it myself!

SS: Tell us about the collection and what inspired it.
Aside from wanting to bring awareness to protecting the ocean and sharks, each collection will embrace my love of traveling and my interest in other cultures. our first collection was inspired by Morocco.
SS: Is there one piece that’s your absolute favorite?
Im loving our Fringe Mystic Top and reversible St. Tropez One Piece right now, since it’s so hot out, I can wear them as swimsuits or as tops with high waisted skirts or shorts.
SS: What has starting a business taught you?
With owning your own business there seems to be a new challenge every week. It has taught me that nothing happens overnight. It takes a lot of dedication, responsibility, and drive to keep going forward.
SS: What’s been the biggest challenge in starting Prey?
The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far is to practice patience. My team and I have so many ideas and out-of-the-box visions for this brand in the works that sometimes it becomes overwhelming and more time consuming than we had imagined. The fashion world moves quick, and to be expanding and nurturing a new brand while at the same time looking into the far future for new trends and things that will differentiate our brand gets stressful.
SS: Any plans to expand beyond swim in the future?
Absolutely!! I would love to do beach accessories and cover ups! But one thing at a time ?

Source: SimplyStylist